Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Process of Adopting Dogs Through PetSmart

In the past, there were a few ways of adopting dogs. One would have to search for local newspaper ads or visit local pet homes in hopes of adopting a new furry friend. These methods not only consume a lot of time but can also be very risky as well. It is a good thing that many pet shops are now offering adoption services that will save time and effort for pet lovers. One of them is PetSmart - a widely popular store chain of pets and pet supplies.

Aside from offering insurance programs for animals like its PetSmart insurance for dogs, PetSmart is also making it easier for pet lovers to get a new dog. To adopt a dog, you just have to go to the nearest PetSmart shop. You can also go online and browse through the PetSmart website, which features a comprehensive listing of PetSmart shops.

After finding the nearest store, you will have to talk to an Adoption counselor. The Adoption counselor will be the one to help you select the right dog given your lifestyle and preferences.

Before the counselor recommends a dog, you will need to answer some questions, like your current lifestyle, as well as the number of family members living with you. The counselor will also inquire about the presence of other pets in the household. You should also divulge information about your financial ability, as well as history of allergies. The adoption counselor will then evaluate your answers to decide which dog will suit you the most.

Once the adoption counselor gives the dog, you will have to shell out a minimal amount that will serve as the pet adoption fee. The fee will also be used to cover vaccinations, check-up, and neutering. You will then be offered to purchase PetSmart insurance for dogs to ensure that the medical needs of the adopted dog will be well taken care of.

Indeed, adopting a pet has become a breeze thanks to PetSmart. Just make sure to take note of the steps mentioned in this article to ascertain that the adoption process will go smoothly.

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