Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Importance Of Personalized Dog Tags In Recovering Lost Pets

Millions of Americans enjoy the companionship of their dogs. Whether they are small indoor dogs, or a larger breed such as a German Shepherd, dogs are likely the most popular family pet in the nation. Because of that, ensuring that a lost pet can be quickly recovered is of vital importance. One easy method of achieving this is to invest in personalized dog tags.

For a lost dog, a set of dog tags can literally be a lifesaving measure. They demonstrate that the dog has an owner the moment someone sees the tags, ensuring that the lost animal will be treated as someone's pet, rather than a feral stray. This is especially important in areas where animal control regulations differentiate between strays and lost animals. By obtaining a set of personalized dog tags, the owner can be assured that their treasured pet will be quickly returned if it becomes lost.

A personalized style dog tag must include contact information that can allow the owner to be quickly contacted. This will normally include the name of the pet, the name of the owner, and the owner's phone number, address and in some cases, an email address. In this way, whether private individuals or an animal control officer find the animal, the owner can be quickly contacted. Other information that should be included are any dietary or medical allergies the animal might have. This information may be placed on a second tag, if it cannot be easily placed on a single tag.

When considering what information to place on the ID, the owners should carefully think about what information they wish to be made available. The owner's name should always be an adult member of the household, rather than a child. ID information, such as Social Security numbers that could make identity theft possible, should never be placed on a pet's ID tag.

Additionally, the owner should make certain that all information is up to date. Nothing is more likely to reduce the chance of a happy reunion than a disconnected number or invalid email that makes it impossible to contact the owner. Additionally, by providing more than one contact point, the owner can reduce the chance of a contact attempt being missed.

In terms of appearance, personalized ID tags can be designed with a variety of attractive shapes and colors. A bright ID tag that catches the eye may actually help protect the pet by making it more visible to drivers, especially at dusk or at night. A bell may also assist in locating a lost pet, although in areas where wild animals are present, the owner should consider the possibility that the sound might attract unwanted attention to a lost pet.

Finally, the process of creating a personalized pet ID tag can become a family activity, with any children being allowed to choose the design and color. This can be especially beneficial for animals that have been bought specifically for the child, helping to remind the child of his or her responsibility to the new family member.

Personalizing dog tags is an excellent method of protecting the safety of an individual's pet and ensuring that his or her beloved companion animal will be returned safely. When combined with the other benefits found in creating a unique style of dog tag, it is clear that a personalized ID should be obtained for every household pet.

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