Sunday, 2 March 2014

The 5 Best Pets for Small Kids

Has your child reached the age where they are relentlessly asking for a pet? As we all know owning a pet comes with huge responsibility and it can be tricky deciding what pet suits not only your kid, but the whole family. We have compiled a list of the 5 best pets for small kids. These pets are the best starters to bring your child on the journey of ownership and ensure that they have the best experience with their first pet.

Guinea Pigs:
First up we have guinea pigs. They are relatively small in size and can be housed indoors, in a cage. Ideally, guinea pigs will foster responsibility for children. They will teach them about day-to-day maintenance of a pet as well as daily grooming to avoid tangles in their fur. They serve as the perfect stepping stone should your family venture into owning a larger pet.

Why not choose a bird as your child's first pet? As a starter pet, small birds are another great choice. If you do decide to get a bird, our top recommendations would be a finch, canary or parakeet. As a pet they each require, a cage to be maintained, feeding and room to roam. They are pretty low maintenance and by nature do not require a lot of attention or one-on-one time. For your child, these pets would instill the mentality of care taking and responsibility.

Fish are a great choice as a first pet. They teach children all the fundamentals of owning a pet without the huge responsibility that lies with a larger animal like a cat or dog. With a variety of fish available, your child has an abundance of choice. Our top recommendations include goldfish, platyfish, swordtail fish and betta fish. Respectively, each of these are relatively low maintenance. Their main requirements are tank upkeep and feeding.

Gerbils are small, adorable rodents. They resemble mice and are safe for children. Once again their maintenance is rather low. They will need to be housed in a cage that requires regular cleaning. They are nocturnal creatures, very sociable and the ideal pet to bond with your child.
One pet that first time owners should consider is a gerbil.

If you are interested in something a little bit more exotic, then why not welcome a lizard into your home? Maybe your child is interested in exotic pets but you are not quite sure. Have no fear, they can be the perfect pet to teach you child about pet ownership and responsibility. We recommend either an iguana or leopard gecko. They both foster responsibility and are rather low maintenance. They do not grow very big, so housing is not an issue.

This list compiles some of the best options for a new family pet. Each pet combines the opportunity for your child to learn about pet responsibility and care without being too high maintenance. Remember when buying your new pet to make sure that you get pet insurance. It will protect you against unforeseen financial circumstances and unwanted veterinary bills should your pet encounter any health or accident scare. Have fun, picking your new pet and seeing both your pet and child nourish, develop and grow together.

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