Sunday, 2 March 2014

Dog Matching Facial Recognition for Rescue Animals Considered

Not long ago, I met a really nice lady at Starbucks and she runs an animal rescue nonprofit which helps people who want dogs find the dog they desire without buying it from a puppy farm. Recently, someone had dumped 92 puppies on the roadside in TX as the new regulations had started for these types of businesses. Hopefully, all of those puppies will find a home and a loving and caring family. The lady I met runs her animal rescue business in a California high-end community where people like those little dogs, the kind Paris Hilton totes around.

Indeed, I mentioned that I'd met some interesting folks who'd graduated from Stanford's Computer Engineering and Science school there and they had been working on a cool project. Dog facial recognition, which also has applications for animal rescue - how so you ask? Well, if you can find a dog that matches your current pet or even recently deceased dog, you will be happier as the new dog will fit into your life and home much better. It will feel more loved, and this makes for a better match.
Now then, is this even possible? Yes, in fact, there was an interesting piece in Kurzweil's Accelerating Intelligence published on October 5, 2012 titled; "Google simulates brain networks to recognize speech and images," which stated;

"Google set a new landmark in the field of artificial intelligence with software that learned how to recognize cats, people, and other things simply by watching YouTube videos (see: Self-Taught Software ). That technology, modeled on how brain cells operate, is now being put to work making Google's products smarter, with speech recognition being the first service to benefit, Technology Review reports."

Now then, what if we did this? What if we took people current animal or the dog they wish to replace because their old dog has passed on? By doing this the new dog might better get along with the existing pet, or in the case of a deceased replacement pet the owner might find comfort and companionship that might not have been possible with a dog which was totally different. By better matching of animals we might be able to propel rescue dog adoptions to a much higher degree without needlessly producing more new animals when there are so many which go un-adopted, only later to be put down.

Even though I personally do not have a pet, I see this as a perfect application for this technology. Matching pets, using algorithms might really make it exciting. People might go online after taking a picture of their own pet, surf through the selections and become in love with a potential adoptee. If that happens we can reduce the number of abandoned or abused animals. Let's give the pets a second chance. Please consider all this and think on it.

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